"Protect Your Memories. Your Money. Your Move."

Make sure you have the information you need to Protect Your Memories. Your Money. Your Move. from moving fraud.


Rogue movers typically work like this: Without ever visiting your home or seeing the goods you want moved, they give a low-ball estimate over the phone or Internet. Once your goods are on their truck, they demand more money before they’ll deliver or unload them. They hold your goods hostage and force you to pay more—sometimes much more than you thought you had agreed to—if you want your possessions back.

Blank Documents

  • Never sign blank or incomplete documents especially estimates. Rogue movers can use these signed documents to add new figures to improperly increase your charges.

Copies of documents signed

  • If you must sign a blank or incomplete document, always get a copy of everything signed or at the very least take a photo with your cell phone! A rogue mover will do their best to see to it you don’t have a copy until it’s too late.
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