Business Moving Services


When planning a commercial move, it’s important to choose experienced movers and a reliable moving agent. Business moving involves a complex set of actions, that’s why you need the right moving company, which will develop a plan together with you, explain the whole process and will be there from the beginning till the end of your move. For ensuring full cooperation of your employees, we are very observant when briefing and interviewing them.


Business Moving Plan

  • Full inventory list of items to be moved
  • A guaranteed price that is not going to change
  • Date and time of the move
  • Special building conditions (working hours, parking availability, elevator, etc.)
  • Marking and tagging workstations for proper reassembling at the new location
Pile of new cardboard boxes isolated on white with soft shadow

Securing the property from being damaged during the moves, we carefully use furniture blankets, cardboard, bubble wrap, commercial bins and wheeled racks. We can also totally unpack and set up your working space in the new location according to your specifications. Business moving is all about skillful planning that comes only from experience.

Professionalism is in the details and we are there to handle them.

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