Planning a Business Move

Commercial moving is a complex and traumatic event for a company and your business can’t afford to be closed or disrupted during the process. That’s why you can count on trust-full movers and your personal moving agent, willing to spend time to understand your unique requirements and concerns. Who work with you every step of the way to develop a plan that meets your specific commercial moving needs, take the time to explain all of the steps involved with your move, and  clearly define who does what and when. We make site visits to your current and new locations, and work with your proposed floor plans to ensure that your new layout will work. We spend time interviewing and briefing your employees to ensure their full participation and cooperation. We handle all of the details ? from getting the certificates of insurance to working with the building management at both locations, attention to detail that eliminates costly surprises.

Movers who are experienced in disassembling and reassembling all major modular work spaces, including: HON, STEELCASE, Trend way, Bevis and Knoll. Great care is also given to ensure the property is not damaged during move-out or move-in. We carry the full line of packing supplies and will provide an expert packing services. We also carry commercial bins and wheeled clothes racks to minimize time and costs of packing for short distance local moves. We can also totally unpack and set up your office in the new location according to the floor plan. Ask about our modern, secure, fireproof general storage facility to help you maximize space in your new location. Please click here and fill out your contact information for our representative to meet with you to discuss particular needs of your business relocation.

Focus on your business, not the business of moving. Get movers who operate with  fleet of moving trucks (equipped with lift-gates) , who can get it done on time and on budget every time.

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Business moving plan:

  • Planning your commercial, business move so – do it right, you only have to do it once.
  • Work  with your moving agent to create a Move Plan for your commercial move,corporate,business or office relocation.


This will include:

  • An inventory list of all items to be moved  (one sentence to describe each bellow)
  • Special building conditions and requirements (building insurance,available parking,is elevator reserved)
  • Date and time of your move (office hours opening-closing,)
  • Special instructions for setting up the new office
  • A guaranteed price that won’t change (hourly rate,biding or not biding estimate.
  • Tagging and color-coding workstations so they can be reassembled in an orderly fashion at the new location
  • Prioritizing items for the move;
  • Your employees don’t have to lift a finger.


Professional movers do it all:

  • Protecting floors and walls
  • Wrapping furniture
  • Boxing files, electronics, and personal items
  • Keeping books and files in order and ready for reassembly in the same way at the new location
  • Flat panels installed, etc.
  • Business move requires skillful planning that comes only from experience.
  • Detailed knowledge of commercial properties, experience with planning and project management,
  • Familiarity with modular furniture and storage units, state-of-the-art equipment and carriers, and an incomparable team of professional, skilled foremen and movers.
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