Moving Out of State – The Preparation

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May 31, 2016
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Moving Out of State – The Preparation

Moving out of a state is exciting, but between packing, trekking across state lines, and making sure your new move is the right one, it can seem difficult to cover all your bases. It’s important to take the time to plan for such a big move. If you can plan your move the right way, from deciding what to take with you to things you need to do when you get to your new home, you’ll have the prep for everything.

To make you ready with all those MovingStatewide’s writer panel put together all the information you’ll need to keep your moving-out-of-state as simple as possible. In our list of sorts, we remind you of the tasks you’ll need to take care of when you arrive in your new state. Here are the moving-know-hows to help you move more than the number of zeroes in your checking account when you go for that long distance move.

Be prepare before your big move

Be prepare for your big move

Make a list you need and don’t need

Do you really need to take everything you own? Won’t you be able to buy shampoo wherever you’re going? Do you really need to bring that old flower vase with you? While making a big move, you got to be picky about what you bring with you.  because the more things you take, the more expensive the move will be. Anything small that you can purchase new after you move, should be donated or sold. Getting rid of any furniture that you aren’t attached to will help make less cargo space to move. Burn it, sell it, or throw it in storage, but whatever you do, try to keep the stuff you bring with you to a minimum.

Design the whole

The main three phases of long distance moving are – packing, travel, and setting up your new home. For packing, you can simply Invite friends to help you pack. You can let your friends pick a favorite item to keep when you move. Having your moving company with your packing will always make the process go faster.

Now that you have a list, its time for you to decide if you are going to hire a moving company or do it yourself. If you need help most of these moving company can refer you to local helpers at both locations. MovingStatewide offers all sorts of packaging, moving and even storage facility in so many cost effective way. This can be of real help if you’re moving to a location where you don’t have friends or family to help unload. Remember, the sooner you reserve your rental truck the better chance you will have a good price quote. You can also schedule your move during an off-peak time, like during the week or during the months of September through March. But it takes lots of planning so you will want to start now.

Make sure you know your neighborhood

Make sure you know your neighborhood

Know your new neighborhood

Before you move, make sure to locate “essentials” in your new neighborhood. Know where the grocery store, drugstore and gas station are before you arrive. That will make your arrival smooth and help you to avoid any emergency trips for supplies where you could end up spending too much.

As soon as you’re moved

  • Change Your Address. Click here to do that.
  • Update Your Billing Address for your Credit Cards, Bills and most importantly, Online Shipping Addresses
  • Get Your New, In-State Driver’s License/Registration or ID (if you don’t have a car)
  • Get New, In-State License Plates
  • Register to Vote (after you get a new in-state Driver’s License, you’ll need it to register)
  • Call Your Health & Car Insurance Companies (coverage might not cross state lines)
  • Check Your New State’s DMV Guidelines (some states require additional changes)
  • Change Cell Phone  (if your current carrier doesn’t work)

Final Words

Moving to another state is only as stressful as you allow it to be. If you remain calm, hire the right mover in the right time, moving could be just a fun travel. Moving is an adventure so don’t forget to document it with words, pictures, and video if you can. If you plan it right with right people, then you will not be crunched for time and you can enjoy the sites and landmarks as you travel and relocate to your new state.

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