When the move goes WRONG?

March 29, 2016
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Moving Costs

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Moving is a complex affair and hard labor, thus you cannot expect it to come cheap. The average moving cost though depends on the moving rates. Yet for the average moving rates are different for every state. The moving rates will depend on the type of your move and the distance you are moving to. Moving Costs depend of services you request as well.

Is it Full Packaging?

The movers do (company packed c.p) or partial packaging (padding furniture ,the rest is packed by you P.B.O “packed by owner”.

Does long carry apply?

Cost for packing can be $100’s to $1000’s , check the packing supplies price list.
the distance between the moving truck and Front/Back door of shipper pick-up or delivery location, If movers carry “belongings to be shipped ” more than 50-75 feet ($50 to $150)

Shuttle Service:

A shuttle may be required at destination points that cannot accept 18-wheel semi-truck $300 to $450

How many extra stops on both location do you have

Every stop $50
Fuel surcharge , often is 5% of transportation (what weight or space takes your shipment
Stairs , All movers provide 2nd floor Free(if its one flight only), every additional flight is $50 to $75 (and it depends on size of your job)


1st month FREE storage all moving companies OFFER
Cost of every next month depends again on size of your shipment

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