Moving calculations are indeed one of the most important things to consider when moving. Why? Because the defining factor of your relocation is the amount of your budget and the possibility to actually afford to have a decent moving experience. Also you should be aware that there are some differences in moving locally and long distance which also gives different potential expenses for your relocation. What are the moving average calculations in these two cases and how can you decrease them?


Moving Locally on Short Distances

On short distances the costs are lower than the ones that come from an interstate relocation. For shorter distances when moving average price calculation for a 3-bedroom house would be about $2,000. What matters as a cost factor if you want to estimate local moving costs is the amount of items to be transported. For small moves you can expect to happen quicker with less time needed for loading/ unloading a truck on moving day. You can also travel with your car in order to avoid the extra expenses that you will make when shipping it. The costs for moving your car will vary depending on the size of the car, distance and way of shipping. Information about this and other moving expenses you can read on this link.

Moving Calculations

For your moving calculations estimate how you can decrease moving costs: you can get discounts from movers or deduct moving expenses from your taxes are just two of the many ways.

Long Distance Moving Calculator

Going on larger distances means higher costs for moving. In case of relocating to another state plan well your finances. Consider the moving discounts that some moving companies offer for example around holidays – 4th July, there are also students’ discounts, military discounts, some movers give coupons as well. Research over the possibility to relocate cheaper by finding the discount that is applicable for you. In a regular case, moving average calculation example can be given for a three bedroom house. Moving such a home with these dimensions to a new state would cost you about up to $9,000. Just the packing out of this total some would be about $500. If you add up prices for shipping and distance, the extra costs that may occur in the meantime, special services like crating, reserving a parking space for the truck, etc. the price can really go that up. That’s why it is good to think about how you can move interstate and have your moving expenses decreased at the same time.

Another tip: you can ask your moving expenses to be deducted from your taxes. The IRS offers this option. You have to comply with two conditions: “distance test” and “time test”. They are explained in detail here.

Moving Calculations and How to Decrease Them

When moving out whatever calculations can be made for your relocation in some cases you have the power to decrease them by avoiding moving scam. Unfortunately there are movers that misuse the trust of their customers and you should be very careful in order to stay away from such companies. Read reviews to see what people have to say, check on other good websites like My Moving Reviews for information, read more tips on hiring movers and talk to other people who have experience in moving like friends, colleagues, relatives, etc. You can also publish this article in your social networks and see what responses and tips you get! It is better to have more information, even if you can’t use it, rather than not have enough and be scammed.

How Can You Get Accurate Moving Calculations?

Estimate cost of moving

The only sure, precise way to calculate your moving costs locally and long distance exactly is by asking for quotes. Get as many as you can before hiring one mover and read as many reviews as you can.

Ask about additional charges what are mentioned in e-contract:

  • Stairs
  • Fuel Surcharge
  • Long Carry
  • Shuttle Services
  • Misc.Bulky Item Handling
  • Valuation of the Coverage
  • Storage Charges


So how to estimate moving costs precisely?

Of course, the exact calculation for your moving can be made only by a mover and after you request a moving cost estimate. After that movers have your contacts and will get back to you with information regarding what you can expect to pay for your moving. The more precise information can come to you if you request an in-home estimate. Once representatives of a moving company come to your home they can estimate cost of moving and cost of packing or other services because they will see exactly what is for moving. You, on the other hand, are expected to show the luggage that will go with you when relocating to the movers. Remember to go to the attic, basement, garage and every premise at your home which contains objects for moving and find the best moving company – licensed and reputable, to take care of your relocation job.

Get at least several quotes from moving companies, arrange the schedule and the moving day, start packing and don’t worry about anything – if you have the right movers at hand your relocation will be smooth and successful. If you think that there is more to add on this household moving calculator or tips on decreasing moving costs you can share your ideas as comments below.

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