You can further decrease the overall moving prices by doing some of the packing yourself.

Wide Range of Services

Most movers offer a wide range of services and when moving long distance you may have to consider more options. In general, you will have two main options when moving cross-country – full moving service and partial moving service. Long distance moving, for example from Dallas to New England, can get quite expensive based on what and where you are moving. The average long distance moving rates therefore are more difficult to determine and you will have to consult with a few movers. It is difficult to give an average price for full moving services since it will depend on your inventory.


Long Distance Prices

Long distance prices are based on the weight and the cubic feet of your goods. In order to get an accurate quote, the best option would be to request an in-house estimate. However, most moving companies charge based on the weight and the distance. Hence, considering the fact that every single move is unique, long distance moving rates will vary with these variables. There are many great ways to cut your moving costs and you can check out our moving guides and tips on how to save on moving services.


The average moving rate vary and it will depend on the state, particularly on the average labor pay, and on the type of your move and distance traveled. In the same manner, the average moving hours will depend on the size of your home and household goods.

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