Local moves that you can use when moving within state are generally cheaper than long distance, but the average rates in the United States vary with the state. Local moves are charged by the hour, which average moving rate includes travel time and packing labor. Therefore, the average price will depend on how many hours the movers work. Local moving is any moving done within the limits of a state and it’s generally cheaper than long distance moving.

The average rates vary by:

  • Moving range (distance from point A to point B) + packing materials (if any)


  • Travel time + packing and loading labor + packing materials (if any)

Before the move itself, it’s very important to us that you understand what you are paying for.

So what charges are we talking about?


    1. Travel time – The time spent for transportation from the origin destination to the delivery address. (Note: Our company does not charge for the time to drive from our facility to your origin destination)


    1. Labor – The total time worked by the professional moving crew. (packing, loading/unloading)


    1. Packing materials – Specific items need specific materials in order to be safely moved. (There are no charges for padded moving blankets or tape, used to protect your furniture)


We are specialized in all sorts of moves, personal or commercial. Depending on your needs, our local movers can pack all your household items for you or just the ones you indicate, that are more delicate. You can also use our moving company just for loading and transporting everything, if you have all your belongings packed and ready to go. Choosing our local moving solutions, your expectations will be fully fulfilled, as we are attentive with every detail and are there with you through the whole moving process.

Tip: When selecting the right moving company, verify if the movers are licensed within the state you are moving by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

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