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When the move goes WRONG?


In modern days, life is dynamic and moving has become an integral part of this busy lifestyle. You may need to move from one place to another for different reasons – i.e. economic, social, housing, employment etc. Based on your situation, such movement can be quite frequent or limited to a relatively small number of times throughout your lifetime. However, if you do need to move (which is quite likely), you’ll need the help of a moving company for a smooth and tension-free moving experience. Of course, you can decide to perform the task all by yourself. But considering your super-busy life and the level of time, energy and greenbacks you’ll have to invest on this whole moving matter (if you’re doing it all by yourself), you could really utilize few professional help. And here comes the moving companies – the professionals in moving industry. All you need is to call them and let them know your requirements – they’ll do the rest. From packing the goods to setting them up in the destination, they’ll perform all the services you require.

Generally, moving companies offer flexible packages where you can choose your required services and exclude the unnecessary ones. For instance, you don’t need their packing as you’re comfortable in doing that by yourself. Or, you don’t need them to set-up the furniture, which is the sole discretion of your girlfriend. In these cases, you can simply choose your package excluding such services and the pricing would be reduced accordingly.
However, the most important thing while making a deal with a moving company is to ensure transparency. Like the old saying: never lie to your doctor, your lawyer and in this case – to your mover! Why? Because, as the proverb explains – it’ll only intensify the problem and chances are high that you’ll be in big trouble. Though this analogy is not perfect, the trouble is quite real in case of a communication gap while making the deal with your mover. Let’s have an example:

Sandra just left a bad review in movers.com, stating that her moving company was rude and didn’t perform according to the deal. So, she had to cancel the deal. From this review, it’s quite natural that you’ll have a pretty bad impression on that moving company. Now, let’s see what actually happened: Sandra wanted to move from Illinois to Iowa and was quoted $1250 to move her 4 bedroom house. However, after a direct talking to Juan (the moving coordinator), she got a revised quote of $2500. WAH! That’s double of the initial estimate!! The reason was, Sandra included a lot of additional services – i.e. packing, setting-up the furniture etc. and also she forgot to mention quite a number of heavy items while getting the first quote. Now, on the move date, the moving company crew went to her house and to their utter surprise, they found that there were considerably more items compared to the deal. Some of the items were fragile and needed extra care. As they explained the matter to Sandra, she refused to add the additional items in the order of service. The moving company was also reluctant to do the additional work absolutely free of cost. This result the conflict and in the end Sandra cancelled the deal.
As you can see from the above case, it could really be a pretty big problem if you intentionally/unintentionally provide an incomplete inventory list to your mover while making the deal. So, please be careful about that and have a great moving experience, otherwise it will be a misunderstanding for no reason.

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